Many companies, authorities and non-profit organisations from Industry, Technology, Pharma, MedTech, Education, Public and Financial sector rely on our many years of experience to support them in various areas of corporate development.

We do not consider standardised knowledge transfer to be very effective. A learning process can only be successfully completed if the knowledge provided can also be linked to concrete work situations.

Our understanding of “training” means: action learning, support in the learning process, demanding measures for one’s own development, regular sequences of self-reflection and exchange with colleagues (peer learning).We support your organisation with the following training topics. We develop the detailed programme of an event together with you, customised to the desired duration, specific expectations as well as existing framework conditions (e.g. product development process, management principles, strategy process):

  • Project Management – Methodology and Tools
  • Project Management – Leadership and Team
  • Entering into a leadership position (young leaders)
  • Successfully Managing Managers
  • Leading different generations successfully

All events can also be held in German with a German documentation.

The pressure to perform in the world of work hardly leaves us any time and mental space for regular reflection on our own way of working, a thorough analysis of the problems we constantly procrastinate or a review of our own resources.

A frequently heard insight after a coaching session is “I should have done this much earlier”. The coach combines the all-important outside perspective with the goal of finding new ways together with the coachee for the agreed topics. The focus is always on the personality of the coachee.

The following coaching options are available:

  • Coaching = a sparring partner for leaders, project managers and specialists
  • Coaching = developing leadership skills for young leaders
  • Coaching = optimising collaboration and resolving conflicts in teams (team coaching)

These coaching options can also be provided in German.

Even if this term is rather overused, consulting is for us an important and complementary element in the basic understanding of our cooperation with clients. We use the knowledge gained from education, training and coaching sessions to give them an external perception of the current situation and to initiate further practical and tailor-made improvement measures.

We support your company with the following topics:

  • Introduction of a company-wide project management framework (defining process and directive, writing a project management manual, establish a toolbox supporting project managers, multi-project and portfolio management, …)
  • Development of a continuing education strategy across all existing subject areas and hierarchies
  • Development and implementation of a “digital market presence” (strategy, employer branding and content management)

In many cases, the moderation of demanding problem or conflict resolution as well as complex decision making is a great challenge for leaders and project managers. Either the aim is to focus as much as possible on the technical issues, and then the personal capacities for process observation and visualisation are lacking, or the contrary is the case.

Allow yourself this option of “hiring” an external facilitator to take on this role for you. Our many years of experience enable us to quickly and thoroughly address the desired facilitation objectives.

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“It is always a great pleasure to hear how our employees appreciate your great experience in project management and your convincing and practice-oriented knowledge transfer.”

Head of training and education at an international research institute

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“Thanks to your valuable support in the development and introduction of the new project management framework for the entire company, our management figures have become much more meaningful. As a result, we did not make many mistakes in the first place and achieved our goal quickly and efficiently.”

Director Project Management and Strategy of a MedTech company

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“Your quickly acquired understanding of our business surprised me positively and your role as a facilitator of the strategy workshops had a great impact, even if your "thread-straight" insights and comments were not always easy to digest.”

Member of the executive board of a Swiss food manufacturer

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“My first impression from the acquisition meeting with you was fully confirmed after this series of leadership trainings. Your comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in modern leadership as well as the specific adjustment to the needs of the international participants were very much appreciated.”

Senior HR Business Partner of an international technology company

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“I was fascinated by your professional guidance over several years and your constant preparation of new topics for the management of my complex organisation, among other things, because you also strongly influenced and shaped my abilities as a leader.”

President of a Swiss judicial authority

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For data protection reasons, the clients’ testimonials are anonymised.